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Foreign students

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The Emeroteca Ca' Borin is one of the five libraries of the Social sciences area.

In the Emeroteca there are about 400 paper journals and magazines.

They are on open shelves.

Current issue are on the first-floor shelves and they are placed in alphabetical order. Back issues are on the ground floor and have call numbers. Journals call numbers can be found searching the online catalogue. If you do not know how to use the catalogue, ask a librarian to help you. 

Journals and magazines cannot be borrowed, you can photocopy them according to copyright laws,only for personal use and research.

The same rule are applied to the printing and downloading of electronic journals and other copyrighted materials.


In the Emeroteca Ca' Borin you can also find the collections of the European Documentation Centre (in Italian: Centro di Documentazione Europea, CDE). The paper publications are on open shelves and a computer is dedicated to the consultation of the EU website and its online free publications.You can find this computer near the entrance desk.

Reading rooms are on the first floor of Ca’ Borin building.  If you need to take a break longer than 10 minutes, please do not leave your belongings as placeholders.


 Please note: journals can be freely read in the Emeroteca. Other services are intended for institutional users and users with a SBA card.

If you are writing your thesis and you need help, you can ask a librarian to help you search library resources and materials.

Library services


At the entrance of the library you can find a computer from where you can access the OPAC (online public access catalogue).


In the Emeroteca  there are 19 computers connected to the Internet and to the University local network.

Access is limited to institutional users and each user is allowed no more than 120 minutes per day.

If you need to print documents, remember to register to the Myprint service.

Padova Wi-Fi

If you prefer to use your laptop, tablet, smartphone etc, you can connect to the Padova Wi-Fi net.

In this case, if you want to access Padova University electronic resources, you need to activate the proxy service.

Copying and printing service

In order to use the Myprint copying and printing service, you need to register on the Myprint website, either by using your university card. Instructions for registering are available here.

Document delivery service (article requests)

If you cannot find what you are looking for in Padova libraries, you can use the NILDE Document Delivery service (IT). Through the Document Delivery Service, the Social Sciences Journal Libray supplies its users with copies of documents, such as journal articles, book chapters etc,  not available  in any Padova University or Public library. This service is intended for professors, researchers, PhDs and students of Padova University Social Sciences area.


In the Emeroteca you can

  • read journals and other research material
  • request copies of journal articles when they are not available in Padova
  • photocopy library material for personal use and research according to copyright laws
  • search catalogues and databases
  • ask a librarian for assistance in doing your research, organizing your bibliographies and more

Openings hours:

Mon-Fri from 9.00 am to 22.45 pm, Sat-Sun from 9.15 am to 18.00 pm

Library address:

via del Santo 22 - 35123 Padova - first floor (map)

tel. +39 049 827.1513-1514

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